The best way to get to know us is to get to know Semperflora. 

Meet the Architects of Your Wedding

We’re Kels & Michael, and Semperflora is a reflection of our souls. Our business was born from three core principles - to live intentionally, to prioritize people and experiences over profit, and to make art.

These principles have been our North Star through every raw, beautiful phase of our growing business, and they’re the values we pour into our work for you.

A few years ago, Kels and Michael spent their weekends at the neighborhood park planning their own upcoming wedding and making big plans for the rest of their life together. We were young and only knew a few things. We loved spending time together, we hated our 9 to 5s, and we had a gift for seeing the beauty around us. These sunny days spent daydreaming in a warm patch of grass were the inception of Semperflora.


2019 - A Sunny Patch of Grass


Amidst the world shutting down, quitting jobs, and navigating life together as newlyweds in a uniquely unstable world, there was also a friend in need of flowers. With no formal experience as a florist, she made her first wedding bouquet and boutonnière. We will forever be grateful for that friend trusting Kelsey to fill in when the original florist wasn’t able to fulfill the order. One small bouquet and boutonnière prompted a move to a new city, a new degree path, and a feverish pursuit of more knowledge and experience.

2020 - Semperflora Is Born

The move to a new city to pursue a horticulture and floral design degree planted us close to a place that we didn’t yet know would change our lives - Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We spent the next two years getting educated and experienced in the world of floral design. Whether it was in the classroom, in our home office lined with towering shelves of supplies, at a wedding venue, or in a field in the shadow of the Grand Tetons, we poured ourselves into learning the ins and outs of floral mechanics, design, and symbolic use. It was this part of our journey that taught us what it meant to be a high-quality wedding vendor and instilled a desire to do more.  

2021 - 22 - The Feverish Pursuit of Excellence

The following year we tested the waters of doing just that. We discovered that it was not unusual for Kelsey to be the one to quickly recall the answer to a bridesmaid’s question or for Michael to be the one to snip the thread holding the groom’s custom suit closed before heading down the aisle. Together we secured arches to withstand the infamous Wyoming windstorms, orchestrated whole ceremonies to move indoors during inclement weather changes, lended tools and extra time to wedding planners, and were consistently the last ones to leave after teardown at the end of the night. Time and time again we harnessed our problem-solving skills to show up for our clients in the ways they needed. After countless experiences like these, we finally had the conversation that changed the course of Semperflora: 

Why don’t we offer more in the wedding industry?

That day, we committed to developing Semperflora into a full-service creative direction, planning, floral design, and media business and ushered in a new era of education and experience in the larger wedding industry.

2023 - Creative Direction, Photography, & the Big Move

Now located in the Pacific NorthWest,we are so excited to be based in the Portland area and locally serving Oregon, Washington, and California in addition to traveling around the world for destination clients.
Semperflora is dedicated to telling the story of your wedding from vision board to afterparty while capturing the whole thing. We would love nothing more than for your timeline to become a part of ours. 

Present Day - Telling Your Story

Meet Kels (She/They)

“Kelsey is a DREAM to work with! Not only is her work absolutely incredible, but she makes sure to work with you throughout the whole process and makes sure your event is exactly what you want.” 

☀Aries ☾ Virgo ↑ Gemini | INTJ | Enneagram 4 

Listening to: Free Throw
Reading: I Survived Capitalism and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt by Madeline Pendleton
Eating & drinking: sushi & an iced maple matcha latte
Wearing: A band t-shirt, cargo pants, and platform Docs
Loved ones describe her as: bold, dedicated, and thoughtful
Words she lives by: Be better than what you can get away with

- Regan DeSmet

Meet Michael (He/Him)

“Michael was so professional when working on my vision for my wedding! My arch was a really odd shape, and on the day of the wedding he was able to quickly think up a solution and make adjustments to attach the flowers securely and make the whole design cohesive. He played an important role in making my wedding look and feel like a truly luxurious experience.” 

- Madison Jeppson

Listening to: Hot Mulligan 
: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
Eating & drinking: pineapple pizza & hard cider
Wearing: a Wrangler jacket, John Lennon glasses, and statement earrings
Loved ones describe him as: kind-hearted, charming, and supportive 
Words he lives by: There’s some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.

☀Virgo ☾ Libra ↑ Sagittarius | INFP | Enneagram 2